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Term & Conditions
Term & Conditions User Agreement
These are the terms and conditions you must agree to prior to using our services.

These Terms of Service apply to you as a member, being a user or account. When registering at Earendu, you confirm you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions of these Terms of Service. If you do not agree to any of these terms, you must not register.
1. Registeration

Online / Offiline.

(EER1A). It is obligatory to fill all the required fields.
(EER1B). Fill your e-mail correctly.
(EER1C). You should possess a permanent address proof with you.
(EER1D). Please provide us with your current e-mail address.
(EER1E). one email one earnedu account only.
(EER1F). You can change your email id whenever you like t&c * apply.
(EER1G). Username should be minimum of 5 characters without any space between any two characters.
(EER1H). Having a mediater member id is mandatory. If the member id is not available you can use the default id provided by us.
(EER1I). Filling of pincode / zipcode is necessary. Please fill the code carefully.
(EER1J). Having a contact number (mobile) is necessary. You can use one mobile number for more than 1 account.
(EER1K). Please read terms & conditions carefully.
(EER1L). Please fill your bank details when filling the form offline. You can also fill your bank details online, after receieving your username & password.
(EER1M). When using a corresponding address choose the default address on which the mailing services will be provided.
2. User Accounts
(EER2A). You can change your registered email whenever you want after its verification is done.
(EER2B). You can also change your phone number after its verification is done.
(EER2C). You can change your current marital status, occupation, etc. When ever you want.
(EER2D). If you want to change your registered address you just have to call our customer care and register your request to change the address.
(EER2E). You will need a username and password to operate your account that will be providedd to your by earnedu.
(EER2F). your password will be fully encrypted in order to protect it from all types of hacking attempt.
(EER2G). Your username is unique. Please donot share it with anyone.
(EER2H). In case of unexpected death your account & account money will be transferred into the possession of the given nominee.
(EER2I). Your username is permanent. It cannot be changed or modified.
(EER2J). In case when given false information your account will be immediately disabled.
(EER2K). Your disabled account can be reactivated only if a valid reason is given if not the account will be permanently suspended.
(EER2L). The account balance from any disabled account will be seized by us.
(EER2M). Once the disabled account is activated you can withdraw the account money.
(EER2N). If you enter wrong password for more than 5 time your account will be temporarily blocked for 24 hours.
(EER2O). If Your account is temporary blocked and doesnot activate after 24 hours contact our customer care and get them to activate it.
(EER2P). If you have registered offline even then you can get your username & password online. You can also access your account online or through your mobile.
3. Payment System


(EER3A). In order to pay and register yourself with the company we have 15 way.

I. Member Money

II. Net banking

III. Debit card

IV. Credit Card


VI. Demand Draft (DD)

VII. Cheque

VIII. Paypal


X. Diret Deposit

XI. Bank Challan

XII. Western Union

XIII. Money Card

XIV. PayUMoney

You can choose any one of the method listed a done. Any other means of payment well not be accepted.

(EER3B). Mke sure that have a stable internet connection when doing payment.
(EER3C). Your payment will be considered valid only of you abide by our rules for payment.
(EER3D). You will have to provide the payment slip to the company only then your payment will be accepted.
(EER3E). When paying money you will be provided with two options..

I. FULL Payment

II. EMI Payment

you can choose any one of the above mentioned payment option.

(EER3F). If you choose full payment option then as soon as your payment is received your account will be activated.
(EER3G). If you choose emi option then after paying 1st installment you will be able to open your account but the account will not activated untill all the installments ...


EMI = (Total fee / 4) + 150

Once the final instalment is received your account will be activated.

(EER3H). If you are not able to pay your emi installment on due date then you will have to pay penalty fee of Rs. 100 / day.
(EER3I). Please note down the bank details given by the company carefully when proceedfing vis payment system.
(EER3J). If for any resons you pay our fee on a wrong account number then we are not liable to give you any information regarding that payment.
(EER3K). If paying money via western union then you have to pay money via their rules & regulations. It is neccesary to give us information on our phone number or email address.
4. Payment Withdrawl
(EER4A). In order to withdrow money we have a money out system way...


II. Direct Deposit.

III. CHeque.

IV. Westerm Union.

V. Paypal.


VII. Member to member.

VIII. Skrill.

IX. Payza.

(EER4B). Palese Only for use on EER4A withdrow money.
(EER4C). You can withdraw money only if your account is fully activated and your address have been verified.
(EER4D). You cannot withdraw money below threshold value.
(EER4E). There is no maximum amount to withdraw money.
(EER4F). You will receive your money within 7 working days of your request.
(EER4G). Money withdrawn from western union will be received immediately.
(EER4H). Charges on amount money withdrawn will be decided by the company.
(EER4I). You need to do phone verification when withdrawing money.
(EER4J). If money withdrawn through any wrong methods then strict action will be takan against you and your account will get disabled.
(EER4K). When you have received your money kindly upload your recipt to verify amount received.
(EER4L). You will have to enter a 4-digit secure code when withdrawing money. This code will be provided to you through e-mail when activating your account.
(EER4M). You cannot withdraw money only if..

I. Your account is temporarily blocked.

II. Permanently blocked.

III. Balance is less then Rs.100.

IV. Your address is not verified.

V. If your account is not activated.

VI. If you havin't given your bank branch address.

(EER4N). Record of money withdrawn will be kept both online and offline. If you are caught withdrawing money through any dishonest method then strict action will be taken against you.
5. Banking
(EER5A). our company is supported by a banks for money withdrawl process.
(EER5B). When withdrawing money, first you need to choose a bank then verify it.
(EER5C). Once you have added a bank you cannot change i. In order to do so you will have to submit a repeat bank information to our company headquarters. Once it is approved you can add a bank again.
(EER5D). You should link your account with your pancard. by doing so you will be able to get a consession on taxes.
(EER5E). You Bank Dtails Not Share Any One.
6. Security
(EER6A). Your account is fully SSL secured.
(EER6B). Your username & password is stored on our servers in highly encrypted form. Hence it is 100% secure.
(EER6C). Your account details will be stored online & offline by us.
(EER6D). All internet communication through your earnedu account is secured using secure socket layer (SSL) technology with 256-bit high security encryption.
(EER6E). In order to withdraw money you will require mobile OTP provided by us for security purposes.
(EER6F). Your account is secured from both outside and inside i.e. it is 100% safe.
(EER6G). Even after loging into your account in order make any change or withdraw money etc. we have additional pin security for that.
(EER6H). Your username is unique . Please donot share it with anyone.
(EER6I). You should change your password once after every 3 months.
7. Verification
(EER7A). Your account will be fully activated only after all your verification processing is done.
(EER7B). Your account will be fully operational right after we have received full payment from you.
(EER7C). In order to verify your account our company will send you a 20-Digit unique code. You will have to enter this code by following this link..


(EER7D). If you have applied to change your bank details or address etc. Please make sure to verify it through the company.
(EER7E). You need to verify a copy of your receipt with us for any amount of money withdrawl.
8. Limitation Of liability
(EER8A). Earnedu cannot be blamed for failure of execution of any processing outside our control.
(EER8B). Earnedu has the right to change or remove any terms & condition which include downlinks, paymnets, money withdrawl, banking information etc.
(EER8C). Company's decision is final.
(EER8D). You have to pay your taxes on the amount of money you earn. Earnedu is not liable to manage your taxes for you.
(EER8E). Earnedu will try to attend any problems regarding payment us soon as possible however EER8A.
(EER8G). If your account is for any reason damaged or not working properly then we are not to be blamed. However we will try our best to assist you with its recovery process.
(EER8H). Our company has its right to decline any case filed by you for any reasons. If you are willing to accept this then only join us.
(EER8I). In case of false money withdrawl caused by hacking, program error, computer error etc. your amount lost will be immediately refunded by us.
(EER8J). Minimum threshold amount of money is Rs. 1800. it will remain as minimum balance in your account. In order to withdraw it you can permanently delete your earnedu account.
(EER8K). If for any reasons you are not able to inform us about any type of damage caused to youre account then you will be held responsible for your that.
(EER8L). If you mess with your account in any way and it cause damage to it in any way then you only you will be held responsible.
(EER8M). If your account details i.e. money ammount, any kind of information is changed because of your sharing of username & password then you and only you will be held responsible or more info read rule EER6H carefully.
(EER8N). if you withdraw any amount of money and donot verify it with us then you are responsible for that.
(EER8O). If you have shared your username or password or pin then we are not responsible for any kind of wrong activities in your account.
(EER8P). Any third person will not be entertained between communication of customer and customer care.
(EER8Q). For smooth relations between customer and company please cooperate with us.
(EER8R). We try our level best to provide you with 24x7 customer care service. But if for some reason we are not able to satisfy your requiement please forgive us.
(EER8S). We will take immediate action regarding your report of any kind.
(EER8T). Your suggestion to any report will be seriously considered by earnedu.
(EER8U). We are fully dedicated to ensure your satisfaction with earnedu.
(EER8V). All your account activities will be notified you through your emails.
9. Login / Passwords
(EER9A). in order to login into your account you will have to login through our website.
(EER9B). in order to login into your account will need your username and password.
(EER9C). Same As EER2N.
(EER9D). Your login page is SSL 256-bit encrypted and is highly secured.
(EER9E). Your page will only open if you enter the correct username and password.
(EER9F). If you donot remember your password then by clicking on the forget button and verifying through email you can reset your password.
(EER9G). Always try to add special characters to your password to make it more secure, e.g. #[email protected] etc type.
(EER9H). Same as EER6B.
(EER9I). Your login session is of 2 hour i.e. you will be logged in to your account for 2 hour without refreshing.
10. Products.
(EER10A). Our company is providing you with 4 special packages includeing 100 unique subjects courses.
(EER10B). Our product team & only them has the right to make a change in the products.
(EER10C). any query you have about our products, our product team will answer back to you.
(EER10D). We always review the content its relevance and quality of our products.
(EER10E). If our products cause any trouble in anybody's personal or public life then the company cannot be hold responsible.
(EER10F). We also provide home delivery seruice for our products.
(EER10G). Company's packages are as follows...

I. Domain + hosting.

II. Ethical hacking + Tools.

III. T-shirt + Beg + Clock.

IV. 20 Courses.


100 unique subjects list in here.

EEC1001: Ethical Hacking

EEC1002: Biology (9th to 12th Standard)

EEC1003: Lisp

EEC1004: Android

EEC1005: Physics (9th to 12th Standard)

EEC1006: Unix Shell

EEC1007: C

EEC1008: Mathematics (9th to 12th Standard)

EEC1009: Power Point

EEC1010: C++

EEC1011: Chemistry (9th to 12th Standard)

EEC1012: Word

EEC1013: Java

EEC1014: Personality Development

EEC1015: Access

EEC1016: VB 6

EEC1017: Interior Design

EEC1018: Excel


EEC1020: Fitness (Health And Physical Edu.)

EEC1021: Publish

EEC1022: HTML5

EEC1023: Reverse Engineering

EEC1024: Sports

EEC1025: Css / Css3

EEC1026: Ajax

EEC1027: Ag Forming

EEC1028: Robotics

EEC1029: Auto CAD

EEC1030: Science For Fun

EEC1031: JavaQuery

EEC1032: Microsoft Office

EEC1033: Sex Education

EEC1034: Python

EEC1035: Tally

EEC1036: Mentalism

EEC1037: PHP

EEC1038: Networking

EEC1039: Learning Magic

EEC1040: MySQL

EEC1041: PhotoShop

EEC1042: Photography

EEC1043: Joomla

EEC1044: Ruby On Rails 3

EEC1045: Extreme Sport

EEC1046: WordPress

EEC1047: Guitar Learning

EEC1048: Tailoring

EEC1049: Drupal

EEC1050: MatLab

EEC1051: Science Of Improvise ( Jugad)

EEC1052: Cloude Computing

EEC1053: TCP / IP

EEC1054: Blogging

EEC1055: C#

EEC1056: Software Testing

EEC1057: Video Editing

EEC1058: Asp.net

EEC1059: Computer Hardware

EEC1060: Kun-Fu (Self Defense)

EEC1061: Assembly Language

EEC1062: Internet

EEC1063: UML

EEC1064: Batch Programming


EEC1066: Operating System (Os)

EEC1067: English Speaking

EEC1068: PageMaker

EEC1069: MS Paint

EEC1070: Electronics

EEC1071: Corel Draw

EEC1072: Human Health And Diseases

EEC1073: Dancing


EEC1075: Flash

EEC1076: Cooking

EEC1077: Fortran


EEC1079: Web Development

EEC1080: R Language

EEC1081: Perl

EEC1082: Animation

EEC1083: Linux

EEC1084: Visual Basic .Net

EEC1085: XML

EEC1086: Windows

EEC1087: SVG

EEC1088: Oracle

EEC1089: Cobol

EEC1090: JQuery

EEC1091: DoS

EEC1092: Illustrator

EEC1093: Computer Security

EEC1094: First AiD ( + ) Medical

EEC1095: Child Care

EEC1096: CMD

EEC1097: Mercury

EEC1098: Tracking

EEC1099: NCC

EEC1100: Core Java

(EER10G). Our products will be sent at your place in the form of CD.
(EER10H). Package 1 provides you with domain and web hosting. If you choose this pack the you will have to suggest us the doamain names you like.
(EER10I). Your web Hosting will be valid for 1 your from the date of purchase after the period is over you will have to pay us in order to ectend the validity of your webhosting.
(EER10J). You can choose any course you like.
(EER10K). We also conduct examinations for the courses we provide. After passing the examination you will get that course certification / directly from UGC.
(EER10M). Our courses are available in 6 different languages.
(EER10N). You can enjoy the use fullness of our product in your own mother tongue.
11. Course.
(EER11A). We have 100 unique subject courses related to all available fields.
(EER11B). For more information on courses details please read rule EER10A.
(EER11C). Subject courses are available in the form of CD's.
(EER11D). The subject courses are taught through video lessons.
(EER11E). For more information please read about us or follow this link..


(EER11F). Our courses are available in 6 different languages.
12. Accounts
(EER12A). Your account is fully secured.
(EER12B). Your account details will be stored by us as online & offlien date.
(EER12C). Your account activities will be stored in your account in the form of history.
(EER12D). Any tampering with your account and your account will be blocked and will be dealed accoredingly.
(EER12E). Your account information is user for some required purposes.
(EER12F). Your account will be fully confidential. Its information will not be dispatched to any other source in any case.
(EER12G). You can elect any person closest to you as your nominee. After your death your account will be passed on to he / she.
(EER12H). Your can add your nominee only once. It cannot changed.
(EER12I). To change your account interface setting facility have been provided.
(EER12J). Your account is secured through username and password facility.
(EER12K). Acknowledgement to your account activity will be provided to you through email's.
(EER12L). SMS and call services will cost RS. 100 a year and will be auto debited from your account.
(EER12M). Your account is valid for lifetime.
(EER12N). Your account is identified via unique member id e.g. EE900000000.. . This member id will be used for many processes in the company.
(EER12O). Your member id will be provided to you through your email.
(EER12P). Always try to remember your member id. this have to user when a new memebr is joining thgough you.
(EER12Q). If you experience any difficullty regarding your account kindly contact us through our customer care.
(EER12R). When contacting our customer care exexutive you need to provide him with pin (Customer KEY) . It is available in your account under support tab.
(EER12S). If you dont have any internaet or computer even then you can operate your account through your registered account number.
(EER12T). You can apply for a new account online or offline.
(EER12U). You can opreate your account in 56 international and national languages.
(EER12V). Your account is totally user friendly.
(EER12W). If your account inactive for 6 months then it will be temporily blocked.
13. Support
(EER13A). You will technical support 24x7 through our customer care executives.
(EER13B). Our customer care phone number are totally toll free.
(EER13C). Any third person will not be entertained between customer care executive and a customer.
(EER13D). Choose a customer care executive as per your preferable spoken language.
(EER13E). It is obligatory to provide any in formation to the customer care execute he asks.
(EER13F). Customer care will try ther level best to help you with your queries.
(EER13G). Your customer key will given temporary access of your account to the customer care executive kindly share it whrn asked.
(EER13H). After talking to the customer care kindly change your customer key manually or if will be automatically changed.
(EER13I). If you have any complain regarding any department please report us. The complain department is under people with higher positions in our company.
14. Approve
(EER14A). Your account will be approved from time to time depending on your account activity. Please cooperate with us.
(EER14B). When withdrawing money from your account you will receive a conformation call from us. Please provide your account information to them to complete your request in case you give them wrong information your request to withdraw money will decline.
(EER14C). You can verify your address through any means listed below:-

I. Voter id card.

II. Driving lisenes.

III. Passport.

IV. Electricity bill.

V. Pan card.

VI. Rashan card.

VII. Adhar card.

(EER14D). If your address is not verified then you cannot withdraw money.
(EER14E). After you have received your money give inform us about the withdrawl to approve that your payment have been received.
(EER14F). You can approve your identity through your profile picture.
15. Bonuses
(EER15A). We appreciate your hard work and dedication here at earnedu and hence we give you bonuses for your hard effort.
(EER15B). The bonuses we give are as follows:---

I. If you are able to join 10 members with is you get case bonus of RS. 1000/- .

II. Join 10 + 5 members and you will earn right to join 1 member for free.

III. If you join 500 members then you can enjoy a holiday package anywhere in the world for 3 Day & 2 Night and lot more.

(EER15C). When doing a seminar you will be invited and awarded according to account grade and status.
(EER15D). Account grades are join main members.

I. 0 - 200 == Silver Normal

II. 200 - 500 == Silver Medium

III. 500 - 1000 == Silver High

IV. 1000 - 2000 == Gold Normal

V. 2000 - 3000 == Gold Medium

VI. 3000 - 4000 == Gold High

VII. 4000 - 6000 == Platinum Normal

VIII. 6000 - 8000 == Platinum Medium

IX. 8000 - 10000 == Platinum High

X. 10000 - above == Ultimate.

(EER15E). You will be notified about your bonusess on your notification area.
(EER15F). If you are eligible for a bonuse the you won't be given the sam bonus again.
(EER15G). If can always inquire about your bonus status.
(EER15H). If you are operating your account offline through your phone then you will be informed regarding your bonus status through a phone call.
(EER15I). You can only enjoy the luxury of bonuses if you abide by the rules given under bonuses link.
(EER15K). If member joining is greater than 200 coming through your member id then you will be awarded in front of your parents.
16. Members
(EER16A). You will get a lifetime membership on earnedu.
(EER16B). You can even chat with other members of earnedu through chat messenger.
(EER16C). Your member id given to your will also be use for many processes used by company.
(EER16D). Membership in earendu is paid. Once you have paid for our membership your can enjoy it for a lifetime.
(EER16E). If you are a member of earnedu then you can inquire about the information of other members too.
(EER16F). Member are invited in all member meetings organised. Member should have an invitation in order to attend.
(EER16G). You can contact any member of the company for free lot with his acknowledgment only.
(EER16H). Once you are a member of earnedu we will be highly responsive on your requwsts and query.
17. Balance
(EER17A). Your current blance will always be Displayed on your account.
(EER17B). Your total money and amount withdrawn will be display on your account.
(EER17C). Your record of money blance are stored both offline and online.
(EER17D). Your money withdrawl history are available.
(EER17E). All details of money withdrawl, & earning will be regilarly sent to you through SMS Or email.
(EER17F). You will be giben a transaction id. Using the id processing of you money withdrawing is done.
(EER17G). Your account balance details will be confidential and will not be disclosed to any other person at any case.
(EER17H). You can withdeaw your money through earnedu's money out system.
(EER17I). In order to inquire about your money withdrawl details it is obligatory to provide the customer care executive with your transaction Id.
18. Address
(EER18A). It is mandotory to provide us with both your permanent & corresponding address.
(EER18B). It is obligatory to give your address proof to earnedu .
(EER18C). All mails sent by us will reach at your verified address only.
(EER18D). If is mandatory for you to verify your addrss.
(EER18E). Unless your address gets verified your money out system and any mailing serivces will be restricted for you to access.
(EER18F). You can verify your address by providing any one of the following documents :--

I. Rashan card.

II. Voter Id Card.

III. Aadhar (UID) Card.

IV. Passport.

V. Electricity Bill.

VI. Any University student ID card.

(EER18G). Your address verification is done manually.
(EER18H). Registered user will receive a 20-Digit Verification on their registered address. They have to complete furthur processing to verify your account.
19. Fee
(EER19A). Membership & products of our company are paid.
(EER19B). Fee paid is non - refundable.
(EER19C). Fee paid is valid only if paid through our payment gateway.
(EER19D). You can also opt for emi option for your fee payment.
(EER19E). When paying through emi you have to abide by the rules mentioned in EER3G.
(EER19F). Perchasing products require you to completely pay our fee.
(EER19G). Earnedu has the right to change the rates of our products whenever required.
(EER19H). Fee payment for any products has to be paid only once.
20. Examinations
(EER20A). We Also Conduct online examinations.
(EER20B). You can only sit for online examination if you are a member of earnedu.
(EER20C). We conduct subject wise examinations.
(EER20D). You can sit for online examinations only if you have been a member of earnedu for more the 2 months.
(EER20E). You can sit for online examination from your home at your own computer.
(EER20F). You should have a fast internet connection when giving online exam.
(EER20G). You can online sit for an exam once.
(EER20H). If you fail any examination then you can apply for re examination too.
(EER20I). Your examination results will be out within a week or 2.
(EER20J). You can sit for earnedu examination whwnwvwr you like.
(EER20K). You should read the terms and conditions carefull when going for online examinations.
(EER20L). You can use any electronic device when giving exam.
(EER20M). Are tampering with the question will not be tolerated.
(EER20N). Earnedu always motivate to give exams.
(EER20O). It is not a compulsion to appear in examination for all subjects.
(EER20P). You can sit for examination for any subject you like.
(EER20Q). Time alloted for the examination is managed by earnedu and it canot be questioned.
(EER20R). You can submit your answer sheet after 15 minuts whwnwvwr you want.
(EER20S). Question paper of the same subject will be different every time.
21. Complaints / Reports
(EER21A). If you have any issue regarding any of our services then you can register your complaint with our customer care executive.
(EER21B). When your complaint have been registered you will be a given a complaint or report id through email. Your processing of the complaint will be done by this id only.
(EER21C). If you don't have a complaint id then your complaint will be left pending.
(EER21D). When complain please give complete details about your problems.
(EER21E). You can reach customer care either online through phone call.
(EER21F). We will respond to your complain at your earliest.
(EER21G). You will be properly enquired about your complaint.
(EER21H). Action will be taken on ligitimate complain.
22. Blocking
(EER22B). If you enter wrong password for more than 5 time your account will be temporarily blocked for 24 hours.
(EER22C). In case when given false informaion your account will be immediately disabled.
(EER22D). The account balance from any disabled account will be seized by us.
(EER22E). In order to reactivate any disabled account you will have to provide your true information again to get it verified. After it is verified the account will be activated. The money out system will enable after 7 day for re activation of account.
23. Miscelleneous

Mostly Used Full Form Of Shortcut In Our Company.

EE => EarnEdu.
EER => EarnEdu Rule.
EEC => EarnEdu Course.
EEAD => EarnEdu Account Closed.
EECID => EarnEdu Office ID.
EEID => EarnEdu ID.
EECH => Challan ID.
24. Others

Customer Support
24x7 Care
1800-111-2117( toll free)
+91 9005007116
+91 8400077560
+91 7317778774
+91 9990609118
+91 9697454015
More »
24x7 Care! For any query or more information please contact our customer care executive.