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Buy Any Course On The Click To The Course Section And Pay Fee And A Free Bussinas With EarnEDU Pvt. Ltd. So Buy Course And Paid Money And Earn Money...

About US.
Company Name: Earnedu Private Limited.
Founded Year: 2015
CEO: Dhananjay Kumar Singh
Approval Status: Aproved By Ministry Of Corporate Affairs LLC ( www.mca.gov.in go and search 'earnedu pvt ltd' )
Head Quarter: Gorakhpur Uttar Pradesh ( INDIA )
Branches: All Over India
Full Address: Head Quarter of Earnedu Pvt. Ltd. 1st Floor, Mahadev Jharkhandi, Tukra No 2, Aadarsh Nagar Sighariya, Kunraghat, Gorakhpur, UP (INDIA) 273008
Help Line Number: +91 9005007116, 1800 - 111 - 2117 ( Toll Free )
Our Company Has a Vision, a Vision that sees every young man of this nation self dependent.

What have observed in our country is that the had of the family earns and every other member is dependent on his/her earnings for their daily needs.
sometimes the earnings he/she makes is not enough to provide the necessities for each and every member of the family.

when compared to the other developed nations the scenario is quite different.
There the youngsters earn their pocket money while studying.
They do part time jobs at pubs, malls, restraunts.
Not only that they also get self employed by creating websites, making videos etc.

In the country we live, the children are totally dependent on their parents for their financial aids, their wishes and their needs. some of them do want to lend them a helping hand but they don't get the platform to shine. This is where our company come in .
We can give you the platform where you can work part time and earn a decent amount of money.
Such an opportunity is hard to come by these days.
Don't waste any more time than you already have.
join us and be your master.
Our company provides you with the following packages:-
  • 1. Domain Name + Webhosting
  • 2. Ethical Hacking course + Hacking Tools
  • 3. Bag + T-shirt + Wrist Watch etc.
  • 4. 20 Educational course

We also provide video lecture courses on 100 subjects via CD's.
What we have seen over the years is that students can't remember all their course material but can perfectly recall the scenes of the movie they saw.
This is because information through video have a stronger imprint on our brains than reading does .
This is why we provide video lectures on subjects so that you understand them clearly.
The 100 courses that our company provides also organise online examinations. once you have qualified the exam you will receive certification from UGC. you can use these certificates in interviews to show your particular skill set and get your desired job.
As told we earlier you have to choose between the 4 packages we offer.
  • i) Domain name + Web hosting:- Under this package, We provide a domain name for a website and web space i.e. web hosting with this pack. you can create your own website on any topic stuff such as..
    Drupal , Wordpress ,Blogger , Website templates, Coding
    Our company will help you to create your website on any topic you like. Whats amazing is that you can also earn from the website you will create with which we will definitely help you and you will also be able to learn from our other components.
  • ii) Ethical hacking + Hacking tools:- Under this package you will get complete knowledge from basic level to advance level via video lectures provided by us. in addtion to this you will also get tools which are used during hacking.
  • iii) Educational Courses:- You can choose any 10 courses out of the 100 courses we offor. you will recieve these courses via home delivery at the address provided to us by you.
  • iv) Bag + T-shirt + Wrist watch:- Under this package we provide you with some of the daily items you use. It includes 1 sport bag, 1 T-shirt and 1 sports wrist watch.
After you have choosen any 1 of the 4 packages you will have to pay a certain amount as our fee. once the fee is paid and your account has been activated the only thing left for you will be to verify your address. Using any one of the following documents :-
  • =>Driving Licence
  • =>Aadhar Card
  • =>Pan Card
  • =>Voter ID Card
  • =>University Student ID Card
  • =>Electronics Housing bill
  • =>Rashan Card
you will receive a 20 digit unique code by postal service on the address provided to us by you. in order to approve your account completely you will have to submit this code.
After joining our company and once your account has been verified you can start working with us.
You will be provided with a username and member ID eg: EE900800.... with this username as your identity you have to expand our vision to other people. If a person joins our company through you, you will be handsomely rewarded. Thats not all, If the person you added, adds another person you will inherit money from them too. This chain does not end here If any person is added which is indirectly connected to your account you will be credited with some amount.
This chain is functional upto 25 members which means even working on just 1 person you are actually earning money from 25 different persons and you can create unlimited no. of chains which means ending source of earning money.
The money you can earn through us can be easily withdrawn using the following Money out system:-
In addition to normal earning we also give additional bonuses to our hard working members.
If you are able to make 10 joining of members, You will get Rs 1000 as bonus and then after joining additonal 5 members you can join one person with our company for free.
We will proudly organise an award ceremony for our members who made 100 - 1000 people to join our company. They will be awarded infront of a huge crowd ranging from 1000-5000 people.
If you manage to make 500, Or 1000, Or 1500, Or 2000 people to join our company, We will organise a holiday package of 3 days 2 nights for you anywhere in the world.
You don't need any educational or professional qualification to join us.
Do not miss this opportunity and immedietely join us by filling up our registration form. at



      By calling us at our Toll free no. '1800 - 111 - 2117'

join us via any existing member.

Contact : +91-9005007116

email : [email protected]
               [email protected]
               [email protected]

website : www.earnedu.com

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